Alumni Spotlight


Our Alumni Spotlight this week is Hannah Hopkins! Here is a little bit about how UNA helped and is still influencing her life!

Our Alumni Spotlight this Thursday is Hannah Hopkins, and here is what she has to say about her current job and how UNA prepared her!

"I'm Hannah Hopkins, and I am a software engineer at NASA. I graduated UNA in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in computer science, with minors in math and human computer interaction. At my job, I write code to help develop a software simulation of the Space Launch System (SLS). In our simulation, we model many of the different components of SLS like the engines, guidance and navigation controls, main propulsion system, and more to ensure that our simulation closely mimics how the rocket will act. I am so thankful for the education and leadership experience that I gained at UNA. Because of my experience there, I feel confident writing code, presenting my ideas, and coming up with solutions to new problems. UNA definitely prepared me for my career, and I am so grateful. Roar lions!"

Tune in every Thursday for a new feature Alumni!

Check in every Thursday for a new Alumni Spotlight!

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We love honoring our alumni and keeping up with their successes! Alumni stories inspire students by giving them career path ideas.  If you are interested in being featured as ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT HONOREE, please email Kay Wammack,, the following information: 

  • Recent headshot (preferably with your company logo/name in the background)
  • Name of degree(s) obtained
  • Year(s) of graduation 
  • Name of major(s)
  • Title of current employer
  • Job title 
  • A brief bio of how you chose your degree program and what you like about your current career